Why having a Private Ski Chauffeur is the Ultimate Luxury Service!

Posted: 19th September 2017

In the traditional sense, adventure and luxury are not usually associated with one another. An ‘adventure holiday’ isn’t often connected with highly luxurious services. However, this isn’t necessarily true. At Amazon Creek, you have the opportunity to explore the wonders of Chamonix in style. We offer quality chauffeur services which cover the whole Chamonix Valley. Our chauffeur service provides you with the privilege of access anywhere and everywhere within the Chamonix Valley with ease, which is something many simply go without. Organising chauffeur services while skiing could quite possibly be the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. You’ll be able to maximise the time spent exploring the best areas, without worrying about organising travel or the finer details of your holiday. Your chauffeur will not only take you to the best locations, but they’ll also go the extra mile to make sure you’re organised for the day ahead.

What is a chauffeur?

A chauffeur is a professional who makes every effort to improve your experience. They are not simply a driver, they’re so much more. Unlike a driver, a chauffeur doesn’t just drive you from one location to another. Any professional chauffeur will go above and beyond to ensure you make the most of your time with them. In the context of a skiing holiday, your chauffeur will pre-pack all of your daily equipment, including warming up your ski boots! And assist with any requests, taking you to wherever you wish to go.

Why choose a chauffeur?

Travel in style

One of the most popular features of using chauffeur services is the ability to travel in style. At Amazon Creek, your chauffeur will drive you everywhere in a luxury Caravelle with leather seats, tinted windows and refreshments to suit your preferences. Chauffeur services are a highly luxurious, classy option for individuals and families who are stylish, but not brash. When you step out of your vehicle at a ski resort alongside fellow tourists who have just trekked uphill with their ski equipment, you’ll know that the exclusiveness of a private resort chauffeur is truly worth it.

Safe, Stress-free journeys

Driving in winter climates can be dangerous if you’re inexperienced. If you’re not used to snow and ice on the road then it can be a nerve-wracking prospect. Fortunately, chauffeurs are both trained and experienced at driving in snow conditions. This makes your travel a lot safer, meaning you can relax during your ride. If you’re also not up to speed with the road laws in the country you’re visiting, it can be easy to run into trouble. By taking advantage of a private chauffeur service you can avoid these potential difficulties.

Spend more time doing the things you love

One of the main problems tourists face when visiting Chamonix is the uncertainty of where is best to explore while skiing on any particular day. However, with a private chalet chauffeur, you won’t have this issue. Your chauffeur will have perfect knowledge of all the skiing areas; along with your chalet manager, they’ll be able to handpick the best areas for you on any given day. The Chamonix valley offers a vast expanse of skiing, with 6 different ski areas, with many skiers simply unable to experience it all. You’ll have the exclusive benefit of being able to experience a variety of pistes throughout your stay!

As well as being able to visit anywhere you wish, you’ll also be able to spend more time in your favourite places. Your chauffeur will handle all the logistical challenges that can so often be a stressful part of a skiing holiday. All of your equipment will be prepared for you in the morning, you will be taken directly to the chairlift and the vehicle will be unloaded for you. Plus, you won’t have to spend any time waiting for transport, like you would if you used the public transport services. Your diver will also be able to help you avoid the queues at the most popular lift stations, with local knowledge of alternative, and quieter lifts taking you up to the pistes. The help from your chauffeur, combined with help from your chalet manager will ensure your skiing days are stress-free, great if you have children!

Provides more benefits than ‘ski-in ski-out’

One common misconception skiers have is that by staying in ski-in-ski-out accommodation, you are going to have a better skiing experience, but this isn’t necessarily true. What many ski-in ski-out hotels and chalets don’t tell you is that you can often become ‘stuck’ in one particular skiing area; this is certainly the case in Chamonix! Sometimes you may even have to walk or ski cross-country before you can reach a ski lift! There’s nothing worse than starting your day with an unnecessary work-out just to access the first ski lift!

“Ski-in Ski-out accommodation can be a nightmare for families with kids”

It’s a well-known fact that children simply hate walking anywhere! The problem gets even worse when they have the burden of carrying a heavy set of skis and ski boots. Add this to the challenge of walking uphill in cold, snowy weather and you’ll have some very angry kids on your hands! Having a private chauffeur provides all the benefits of ski-in-ski-out accommodation, without the unnecessary traveling by foot. This is the situation many families at ski-in ski-out accommodations face whilst on holiday. Instead of the family fall outs and bickering, sit back, relax and let your chauffeur drop you off at the first lift for an effortless start to the day. When you’re tired at the end of the day you also won’t have to worry about that cross-country trek back to your accommodation. Instead, your chauffeur will greet you at the bottom of the slopes, pack your belongings away in the vehicle, and drive you wherever you wish to go next. Be it to town for Apres ski, or back to your chalet to relax in the spa facilities.

After hours travel

If you fancy sampling the local Chamonix cuisine of an evening, your resort manager will have expert advice on the most luxurious restaurants and go-to socializing spots in the area. You’ll be able to handpick from the most exclusive spots available. After you’ve chosen where you wish to spend your evening, your private chauffeur will be on hand to take you there whenever you want.

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What is Luxury?

Luxury is often incorrectly associated with a monetary value. If something is to be seen as ‘luxurious’, then for many, it must come at a high cost. However, this is not necessarily true. Luxury encompasses a much wider scope than monetary value. It involves multiple aspects which combine to make something ‘luxury’.


For anything to be ‘luxurious’, it must have a certain level of class. Without class, luxury does not exist. Rather than being ostentatious, a luxury item or service is sophisticated and elegant. Anyone with money is able to flaunt it with loud, brash belongings, but it takes sophistication to use your wealth in a way which allows you to rise above others without being overbearing.


In some ways, this aspect of luxury may be closely related to expense, however, it need not be. Exclusiveness simply means the ability to do something others cannot. In the context of a skiing holiday, you’ll be able to travel to areas where others simply won’t be able to. Without your own personal travel, it is likely that you’ll be relying on public transport to access different skiing areas. This will make you less likely to explore all that Chamonix has to offer. However, with a chauffeur, this is no problem. If you also want to take in some of the best sights your area has to offer, it is likely that your chauffeur will have expert local knowledge to take you to those secret, breathtaking locations.

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